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  • ABout us

    Express Care is a unique solution that provides all your healthcare needs on one platform. Using technology at its forefront, we take the responsibility to manage your health requirements. Your preferred health care providers have partnered with Express Care so you can enjoy quality health care services with utmost convenience and peace of mind. The service is currently available in Islamabad/Rawalpindi and will soon grow to other major cities in Pakistan.

    Our Services

    Express Care is offering the following Services

    *To be launched soon

    Laboratory Services

    Express Care is offering laboratory services from 5 major laboratories in Pakistan. By using their services through Express Care, our clients can access all their reports through one platform.

    Appointment Booking*

    Ever faced the problem of not knowing where a doctor of a certain specialty offers his/her services? Or not knowing how to contact them or get their appointment? We are offering a call center and online platform solution that helps you find doctors of certain specialties in your vicinity along with booking services.

    Nursing Care*

    Utilize Nursing Services through one of our providers at Express Care.

    Physiotherapy Services*

    Schedule an appointment with a Physiotherapist on a panel

    Online Health Care Records

    Express Care offers all your Out Patient Medical record to be stored on our online platform. Now you don't have to go through the hassle of storing all those pages of reports and prescriptions cause we have got that covered for you!

    Radiology Services*

    Clients using Express Care service can use these services through the Credit facility being offered to their company.

    Pharmacy Services*

    Get your medicine delivered at your home/office and get it billed directly to your company using Express Care.

    Home Health Services

    Utilize our Laboratory, Pharmacy and Nursing Care services at home and office using our technology platform.


    We have developed specialized solutions for Organizations and Healthcare Insurance companies offering health care facilities to employees. Express Care offers centralized billing and management of all Out Patient cases using our technology platform. By using the service, companies can take advantage of:

    • Centralized Billing
    • Less hassle for reimbursing individual employee/client
    • Monitoring for HR policy implementation
    • Employees can monitor their health through a singular platform
    • Cost controls through an automated approval system

    For more information/queries please contact our sales team at info@expresscare.pk or call us at 0331 - 397 - 7377 (Express Care Hotline)

    How it works

    Step 1

    Client will generate request through Call / SMS / Online Platform

    Step 2

    Express Care Representative will process the request.

    Step 3

    Deliverence of service. Email / SMS will be sent to the client.

    Step 4

    After completion of service request his/her data will be updated to the client's Medical Record on Express Care online platform.

    Contact Us

    Call : 0331 - 397 - 7377


    0331 - 397 - 7377